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About Us

This picture was taken by the owners of the company during their trip to Asia.



In 2017, two young lovers and entrepreneurs decided to go on a trip to South East Asia for about 3 months to discover some fabric suppliers. During their trip, they saw how some beaches were completely polluted by plastic residues. In fact, in Asia, the tap water is not drinkable so people need to use bottled water which ends up making a lot of empty plastic bottles and ultimately pollutes the environment. They decided to do something for that problem and include their solution to their company. They did some research and found a swimwear fabric that was made with recycled plastic. Thus, instead of using new fabric to produce their swim suits, they take away the plastic that pollutes our beaches and recycle them into something new and usable again. This fabric is high quality and made with recycled fabrics from Italy. Their swimsuits are made locally in Montreal, Canada, where they live. They also deliver their products in packaging that uses less plastic to reduce their plastic consumption. This brand was created for all the eco-conscious souls and summer lovers.



We want to make a living by traveling and

by creating something that reflects who we


-Gabrielle et Arthur